Today’s affirmation—

Repeat aloud

“I deserve what I desire. I deserve what I dream. I deserve what I worked for. I deserve what I’m waiting for. I deserve what I prayed for. I deserve what is coming to me. I deserve love that is perfect for me. I deserve happiness that is right for me. I deserve joy that is fitted for me. I deserve success that will sustain me. I deserve a brighter future. I deserve to tell my story. I deserve ALL that I can ASK for. I deserve these things, because greatness is inside of me!”

via Shanel Cooper Sykes

To obtain the things you desire, you must remember that you are worthy. Remain positive though some days may seem bleak. Trust and believe that things will get better and you shall receive all that you deserve.

A way to start manifesting positive thoughts into reality is to recite affirmations regularly. An affirmation is simply a statement that you are now declaring as truth. Try it out and see how it works for you.

—xoxo AW

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