Anthony Bourdain, acclaimed chef widely known for televising his quests around the world for the best food, is planning to open on a large scale New York City food hall that will house a team of 40-50 chefs and food booths from around the world. Word is, this massive hall with feature 40 to 50 single-concept stalls” each offering one or two specialty dishes.

The space will be divided up into three sections: a group of Asian stalls, a “geographic spotlight” area that will change every three or four months, and a set of international and domestic vendors. There will also be a “gourmet street food” section, including options like tostadas from La Guerrerense, a cart in Ensenada, Mexico, and barbecue from Daniel Delaney of Brooklyn’s BrisketTown.

No word yet on the exact location of this food hall, but insiders believe it will be in or near the World Trade Center.


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