Colombian councilman, Marco Fidel Rimirez wants Shakira and Rihanna’s lastest music video, “Can’t Remember To Forget You” banned from his country. He feels the video is an “unabashed glorification of lesbianism”.

The video is a montage of sexually suggestive scenes featuring the singers separately and together. Their collaborative segments involve a fair amount of caressing and fondling.

Last week, Rimirez, a Christian politician, tweeted “Shakira’s new video is a shameless case for lesbianism and immorality. It is a danger to children–It sends a provocative message to weak people who can be polluted and induced to practice (lesbianism).”

The councilman also claims the video promotes tobacco, stealing, and killing. (Stealing and killing?) He told CNN Espanol, “I found a video that evidently contains images that in my opinion are not useful for the emotional growth and development of youths.”

Shakira, a native of Columbia who has done a significant amount of philanthropic work in her country, has yet to respond directly to these remarks. She did, however, comment indirectly, retweeting the video’s director:

“You be like, ‘So!?’ I love my baby mother, I’ll never let her go.” –DMX (Party Up)

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