On this day (March 12, 1894), Coca Cola sold its first bottled soda in Vicksburg, Mississippi, making it one of the oldest signature American brands.

What once started as an invention in a small Atlanta pharmacy soon became one of the most recognizable brands to date. By 1895 it is stated that Coke was being consumed in all 44 states and every U.S. territory. By 1918 Coca-Cola was in Canada, Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and France. In 1928 Coca-Cola went to the Olympics, which were held in Amsterdam.

Coke  recently made news with their “controversial” Super Bowl ad which featured U.S. citizens of all nationalities singing “God Bless America.” Today Coca-Cola sells 1.6 Billion bottles from their 400 different brands each day in over 200 countries across six continents.


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