“I remember this one time when you told me that when the s–t gets bigger than the cat, get rid of the cat.”

Guns, money, sex, robberies and high-speed chasing. No, this isn’t a Martin Scorsese flick – its part of an action-packed trailer  in promotion of Jay-Z & Beyonce’s “On The Run” tour starting this summer. In the mini-flick, Jay and Bey play two criminal masterminds on the run from the feds, scheming, collecting cash and falling dangerously in love along the way.

run promo 2

The super trill preview includes  all star cameos appearances from Blake Lively, Sean Penn, Scandal‘s Guillermo Diaz, Don Cheadle, Emmy Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rashida Jones and her sister Kidada Jones.

Tickets for “On The Run” can be found here

Check out the full trailer below…

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