Little girls need to be aware that the key to being a successful entrepreneur is ‘modern color blocking’. Well, at least, that’s what Mattel’s newest Barbie Doll has. This past week the company introduced it’s latest edition to their ‘I Can Be’ career line and ‘entrepreneur is their ‘career of the year’.

Though Barbie has had hundreds of jobs over the years, including a NASCAR driver, an art teacher, a firefighter, a US Marine Corps. Officer, a magazine editor, and of course a fashion model, Entrepenuer Barbie is without a specific career goal. She can wear one hell of a hot pink blazer and knows her way around an iPad.

Despite Mattel’s attempt to empower young girls, TIME had a different view on their launch:

Much like many real life entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Barbie seems to have little idea of what her company actually does. Given the current climate for women at startups, perhaps next Mattel can craft “Silently Enduring Sexual Harassment With the Hope I Will Get a Raise” Barbie; “Making Less Than My Male Counterparts” Barbie; “Getting Turned Down by Investors Because I’m Pregnant” Barbie; or “I’m Going to Die Eating This Sad Salad at My Desk Alone” Barbie.

Hopefully, Entrepreneur Barbie comes with a manual that explains that young girls should be as feisty as TIME’s Jessica Roy, to make it in the entrepreneurial world.


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