Hollywood studios just got a brand new reason to worry.

A new app just announced called Popcorn Time takes the headache out of searching for illegally streamed movies and prime time shows by aggregating all of them into one easy to use platform. The developers of the app were able to achieve this by streaming them from BitTorrent. No longer are cheapskates faced with endless google searches and sifting through various pop-up ads just to find a crystal clear copy of Dallas Buyers Club or Gravity. Good for regular folks like you and I, very bad for the studios whom are being robbed as a result.

There’s pretty much no doubt that Hollywood studio rights holders won’t stop until Popcorn Time is shut down, but the developers of the app seem more or less unbothered about the huge target on their backs. “We don’t expect legal issues,” a developer named Sebastian told TorrentFreak. “We don’t host anything, and none of the developers make any money. There are no ads, no premium accounts, and no subscription fees or anything like that. It’s an experiment to learn and share.”

Popcorn is currently available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Feel free to get it before it’s gone, but use at your own risk!


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