Let me start by saying, I was absurdly late for the choice of imagery used for Nicki Minaj’s single ‘Lookin’ A** N****s’. It really has nothing to do with the song or the title and it’s disrespectful to the memory of one of the world’s greatest civil rights leaders and those who hold him and his philosophies close to their hearts. No diss. I was also mildly late for the extensive use of the ‘N’ word and not because I’m a radical. I’m not here to tell anyone, of any race, what to, how to, or when to say anything. Take that up with your maker. However, the word was used in every single bar and proved excessive, for me. No diss.

With that being said, I approve of the message, despite it’s twisted execution. If this is the voice that is projected after a strong, young, black, female entrepreneur has survived the pressures of constant media and societal scrutiny in a fake it ‘ till you make it, crew love, misogynistic, male dominated world, so be it.

[Look at y’all sharin’ one bottle in the club / One bottle full of bub’ a- n– /Look at y’all not havin’ game a– n–/ Y’all n– share a chain a– n– / Same cup in the hand a– n– / In the club with a credit card scam a– n– / No d– in the pants a– n– / I be damned if I f– a non-man a– n–]

The single will appear on the YMCMB ‘Rise of an Empire’ expected to drop on March 11th and Nicki has announced that her next album will be called “The Pink Print” and is expected out later this year.


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