There is a new PATH Station platform open, courtesy of the Port Authority. “Platform A”, which is 15 feet wide, will serve trains traveling to and from the WTC and Hoboken, NJ. New lighting, speakers, elevators, and exculators are a few of the updated features.

“The design, architecture, truly makes a statement, and that statement is we’re back, and we’re better than ever,” said Steven Plate, director of construction at the WTC. Check out the well illuminated station! Kind of makes you want to go to Jersey. A little.

Officials said the new platform will help expand that PATH’s capability. Currently, the site handles 100,000 passengers each day. But Stephen Kingsberry, who manages the PATH system, says it will “have the capacity of serving up to 160,000 passengers daily.”–wnyc

[imagesviaAndrewBurton/Getty] [viawnyc]

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