This week, luxury content source, The Coveteur, unveiled their inside look into the life and style of the eclectic beauty that is Kelis.


Let’s all just get it out of our system together, okay? “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…”

Don’t lie; we know you were thinking it, too. Now, allow us to proceed.

Aside from the aforementioned “milkshake” (side note: we’re still not quite sure what that means, either), it was Kelis’ closet that really brought us to her actual yard. We had heard plenty of rumors about this vintage collection that she’d been stockpiling over decades, so when the opportunity to see it for ourselves came along, well, we ran. (The Coveteur)


“I did have my closet [custom] built. I would describe my style as emotional and themed.” –Kelis

View The Coveteur’s editorial spread on singer, Kelis, here.

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